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Since 2014 Ponce Church and many volunteers have served 40,000 meals to the Homeless Community in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Over the years they have had the privilege of connecting with them, look them in the eyes and smile. Some choose to not look up for fear of being judged, but when they do lift their head they meet love – A love that points no fingers; a love that says,  You are Welcome here.

Pastor Nina Tidwell, has had many opportunities to talk and pray with a number of the Homeless Women, learn their names, give them hugs, and let them know they are loved.

565,000 Homeless in the USA – 40% are WOMEN:

In 2015 studies estimated there are 565,000 Homeless in the USA on any given night – 40% are Women. Over 1 Million people experience Homelessness each year.

Statistics say Domestic and Sexual Violence is the Leading Cause of Homelessness among Women and Families, and 20-50% of all Homeless Women and Children become Homeless as a direct result if fleeing domestic violence. Other statistics say that addiction is common among the homeless community.
The National Center on Family Homelessness and the National Coalition for the Homeless.

Tabitha’s House of Ponce Village Homeless Women Housing:

Since providing meals for the homeless community, Pastor Nina developed a strong desire to not only provide a Home, but a Family, with opportunities they would not have in any other environment.  

TABITHA’S HOUSING of Ponce Village – From Homelessness, to Recovery and a Life of Renewed Hope, is a Christ-centered home providing the spiritual resources needed to help restore them to a life of Renewed Hope. Pastor Nina, is involved daily with scheduled Bible Studies and Godly Counsel. 

While standing in the kitchen, the Lord spoke to me and said, “I Love the Homeless Women just as much as I love the Orphan. They have been crying out to Me for a very long time.” He then proceeded and said, “I have a home for them and I have put people in place with the resources to do it.” And then He said something I’d never heard Him say to me before: “Thank you for continuing to help them.” And I thought, Lord, you’re thanking me? And encouraged me to keep sharing the Vision.
The LORD replies, “I have seen violence done to the helpless, and I have heard the groans of the Poor. Now I will rise up to Rescue them, as they have longed for me to do.”
Psalm 12:5

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Pastor Nina Tidwell is Co-founder and Pastor of Ponce Church in Ponce Inlet along with her husband Pastor Rick Tidwell. She is also Co-author of The Main Thing and The Right Thing – by Rick Tidwell. Pastor Nina is Author of her new book: LOVE AWAKENS, at LoveAwakens.org

If you are reading this and are in danger of abuse  please call 911, get out and seek safety.  Also contact the  National Domestic Violence Hotline

At, Ponce Church  we are active serving the homeless community.

Thank you for Supporting Ponce Village – Providing Hope for Homeless Women in our City.

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