Don’t Go Back!

565,000 Homeless in the USA – 40% are WOMEN:

In 2015 studies estimated there are 565,000 Homeless in the USA on any given night – 40% are Women. Over 1 Million people experience Homelessness each year.

Statistics say Domestic and Sexual Violence is the Leading Cause of Homelessness among Women and Families, and 20-50% of all Homeless Women and Children become Homeless as a direct result if fleeing domestic violence. Other statistics say that addiction is common among the homeless community.
The National Center on Family Homelessness and the National Coalition for the Homeless.

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

I was 20 years old and living with a man who I thought loved me. One evening, during a disagreement, I was sitting in a chair and he came up from behind and began to choke me, I could not breath! When he took his hands off ( I believe the angels of God, removed his hands from my throat) when I was released I immediately sat up and looked at him, he had a startling look on his face and asked, “What happened?” I responded, “You just tried to choke me!”  That evening I heard the Lord Jesus speak to my heart, it was as clear as day, and said, “Get Out!!”

When God speaks to you, it is much like your conscience, and His voice that night, was a warning, and it got my attention! The next morning, when he went to work, I immediately called a family member to pick me up, I never went back to live with him again!

I had just become a follower of Jesus, as I found that the Lord loved me despite all my shame and the mistakes that I made. I mean, I met “REAL” Love. Unlike any Love I’d ever “thought” I’d experienced before. Jesus Love does not hurt you, He does not toss you aside or kick you out, He never takes advantage of you. As the Scriptures say, “GOD IS LOVE.” 1 John 4:7,8. “Dear friends, we must love each other because love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born from God and knows God. The person who doesn’t love doesn’t know God, because God is love.”

When I made the decision to follow the Lord’s leading; His path for my Life, when I began to learn who He is and His Love for me by reading His words, and talking to Him, He began to reveal to me what Real Love is. He began to teach me that I do not have to be dependent on anyone but Him, “Trust in the LORD with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.” Proverbs 3:5,6. When I finally stepped out in Faith; believing what He said, He opened doors I would have never been able to open myself. He provided a loving family from our church to live with, they became my parents, they loved the Lord and they helped me tremendously. From there, I married a man who also Loved the Lord, we have two children, both boys, now grown up as men, also serving the Lord, two beautiful daughter-in-Loves, and with a total of 6 Grandchildren with another on the way.

God works ALL THINGS together for Good, to those who Love Him, (serve and obey Him) to those who are called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28.

The Lord has answers in Life for Everything, and it can only be found in His Word. Listening to What He says, and obey what He says, and when we do, the possibilities are endless! His promises are Yes and Amen! 2 Corinthians 1:20.

If you are in danger, call 911! If you need of help, call the hotline number I posted at the top of this article. You can also contact me, Pastor Nina Tidwell, Director of  Tabitha’s House of Ponce Village Homeless Women Housing. We provide Safe housing for women currently experiencing Homelessness, visit, you can also email Pastor Nina at [email protected] or call her at 386-308-1533 (Ponce Church and Ponce Village home office), when she receives the message, she will call or send a text from her phone.

DON’T GO BACK! One thing I have learned over the years during counseling and research is the cycle of abuse is constant, unless the person causing the abuse gets the help they need. You are not the one to help them, they are to come to that on their own. If you or your children are in danger, I encourage you to do what the Lord told me: GET OUT! And begin your New Journey, no longer dependent on men that continue to hurt you, but become Co-dependent on Jesus. He is your only True Hope.

Visit: and learn about our housing programs. Thank you.